Admiralty Harbour is a credit-focused financial services firm based in Hong Kong.
Admiralty Harbour Mountaineers Complete The Green Power Hike (50km Race)
Jan 2023
On January 14, 2023, the annual hiking event "Green Power Hike" charity race was held in Hong Kong. The race started from Victoria Peak and participants had to complete the entire Hong Kong Island trail within a day, ending at Tai Long Wan. The Admiralty Harbour Mountaineers participated in the 50km category and successfully finished within the designated time with the strong support of their team.

Leo Chan, the CIO and captain of the Admiralty Harbour Mountaineers, said, "This is my 4th time participating in the Green Power Hike. I would like to thank the company and my colleagues for their tremendous support. The 50km race is never easy, and this time we encountered muddy mountain trails after heavy rain. The journey was tough, but we managed to overcome it. Long-distance hiking is like investing in the market, with ups and downs, but with perseverance and teamwork, we can overcome all difficulties and reach the end."

Team member Michelle Xu indicated, "I am very happy to have completed this hiking race with my colleagues and friends. It has opened up a wonderful year full with opportunities!"

Team member Hans Peng stated, "Thanks to our team and colleagues. The hiking race was very exciting, and the scenery along the way was enchanting. I hope more people can enjoy outdoor activities and participate in environmental protection activities."