Work & Life
Admiralty Harbour is a credit-focused financial services firm based in Hong Kong
New team, New life
Having worked at bulge bracket investment banks and Hong Kong listed corporates, I was extremely excited to join a platform like Admiralty Harbour, which allows me to apply my financial industry knowledge, while also nurturing an entrepreneurial mindset, being a young firm that is rapidly growing. The staff are involved in the strategy forming and decision making of the firm, we are constantly encouraged to think outside of the box, and to challenge the status quo should it be the way advisory firms conduct their businesses, or the types of clients they serve. The firm has a clear strategy and positioning. I find my own vision and career planning highly aligned with the firm's, which makes my everyday working life so much more enjoyable and rewarding, and it enables me to feel well supported and appreciated. Furthermore, the staff have a diverse background, the team structure is flat and people are capable while friendly - I cannot think of a better place to work at.
Michelle Xu
“Is going to work like a nightmare?”
“Are you lost in your work environment?”
As a member of AH family, I really appreciate the creative and energetic company culture of AH. Working in AH makes me learn that “going to work” is not a nightmare but a treasure. Every day, I tackle meaningful works which can keep on upgrading my own value. Admiralty Harbour, a place that you must look for.
Heymens Lau
Having worked at large firms previously it is a different dynamic to work at AHCL. Given AHCL’s size I enjoy the additional responsibility that the job brings. The firm has recruited experts in their respective fields which makes the firm a dynamic, challenging and rewarding environment to work in. The firm is growing quickly and changing all the time which provides a unique set of challenges and I am looking forward to seeing the firm continue to grow and my career with it.
Richard Stagg