Admiralty Harbour is a credit-focused financial services firm based in Hong Kong.
Admiralty Harbour Joins the Hong Kong Business Accountants Association
Aug 2021
Admiralty Harbour is pleased to announce that it has joined the Hong Kong Business Accountants Association (“HKBAA”), and our CFO, Mr. Pak Chung Yin (“Joey Pak”), is honourably appointed as the vice president of HKBAA.
On 13 August 2021, the specialized work group of HKBAA had a formal discussion on the draft of “Financial Reporting Council (Amendment) Bill 2021”, and prepared its consolidated feedbacks to the government. Our CFO joined the event, and was formally appointed as the vice president of HKBAA on the same day.
“We believe that a fair and orderly market is the foundation for corporate development, and the accounting profession plays the core role in this aspect. As a financial service firm based in Hong Kong, we highly recognize the philosophy of HKBAA. We will support the HKBAA, and contribute to the healthy development of the industry”, said Admiralty Harbour CFO Joey Pak.

The Hong Kong Business Accountants Association
Established in August 2014, the HKBAA is dedicated to promote interaction, development, and cooperation among business accountants as well as corporate management in the Mainland China and Hong Kong. It takes on social responsibilities through volunteer activities and public seminars, so it grows the young generation in the profession and contributes to the society.
After years of development, the HKBAA has been very successful and has extended its network to every corner in the industry. Its members include CEOs, CFOs, Investment Bankers, Professional Consultants, Risk Managers, Wealth Managers, and Private Bankers, etc. The Management Committee of HKBAA is made up by top leaders in different fields. On 3 August 2021, 6 members of the Management Committee were honourably appointed by the Ministry of Finance as the expert advisors in relation to the accounting profession of Hong Kong.